#501 - USDF FEI Trainers Conference, Training PRE Horses and the Training Pyramid

February 9, 2019

Patty Mayer recaps the most recent USDF FEI Trainers Conference, Nicole Harrington talks about the challenges of training PRE horses and our Total Saddle Fit Trainer Tip continues the discussion on the training pyramid. Listen in...


2019 USDF Tests and Dressage Foundation Grants #497

January 6, 2019

For our first USDF episode of 2019 we will talk to Eliza Sydnor Romm about the dressage foundation and all of their wonderful grants, after that we will be joined by Bill Warren and Bill Mcmullin to go over the new USDF tests.  Our training tip focuses on simple exercises to improve canter balance.


#495 – Hilary Moore-Hebert Training Tips and Year End Questions

January 6, 2019

Hilary Moore-Hebert stops by with some Total Saddle Fit Training Tips that she is rather passionate about.  Plus, Reese and Philip answer some HRN year end questions.  Listen in…


Dressage #494 – Comedian Pam Stone Returns and Where to Get Good Health Info

December 15, 2018

We are joined by Comedian Pam Stone, who will recap her World Equestrian Games experience.  Regular guest Karen Isberg from Kentucky Performance Products discusses where to get the best information on supplements and the Total Saddle Fit Trainer Tip is on handling on the ground.  Listen in…


#493 – USDF Convention Review and Chairperson of the USDF Freestyle Committee Dolly Hannon

December 10, 2018

The final USDF show of 2018 we get a report of USDF Convention from listener and friend of the show Ruth MCormick, Dolly Hannon (chairperson of the USDF Freestyle Committee) joins us and a Total Saddle Fit Trainer Tip.


Dressage Radio #492 – Dressage Hour of the 2018 HRN Holiday Radiothon by Weatherbeeta

December 2, 2018

In hour three of the 2018 HRN Holiday Radiothon by Weatherbeeta, Dressage hosts Reese Koffler Stanfield and Olivia LaGoy-Weltz chat with Dressage Trainer and Coach, Scott Hassler, about the holidays. Plus, we enjoy some awesome listener-submitted holiday songs, poems, and greetings, and we give away a bunch of prizes from Horseloverz.com, Kentucky Performance Products, Kelly Herd Jewelry, and the American Sidesaddle Association. Listen in…


#491 USDF Finals Wrap with Bridget Hay, Marta Renilla, Anartz Chanca and Cristen Brown

November 17, 2018

A wrap of the USDF Dressage Finals with Bridget Hay (Intermediate II Open Champion), Marta Renilla (5th in Intermediate II and 7th in Grand Prix Freestyle), Anartz Chanca (5th at 3rd and 4th level) and Cristen Brown (USDF).  Plus, Bridget Hay does the Total Saddle Fit Tip of the Week on lateral exercises.   Listen in…


#489 US Dressage Finals Preview, USDF Volunteer of the Year Lois Yukins

November 14, 2018

For tonight’s USDF episode we are going to preview the national finals with Lisa Gorretta, we after that USDF volunteer of the year Lois Yukins talks to us about being involved in the sport, and we are going to bring you a trainer tip about half halts.


#487 Sylvia Loch Rider’s Balance Book, Hess Ride Better Book, Hurricane Michael Relief Efforts

October 25, 2018

Rider’s Balance author Sylvia Loch is interviewed, Philip and Reese review Christoph Hess’ Ride Better and Jodie Kelly talks about how the equestrian community is working to help animal and human victims in the aftermath hurricane Michael.


Dressage #485 – USDF News, Sport Horse Development Forum and Olivia Lagoy-Weltz

October 6, 2018

In this USDF episode we start with an update from Kathy Robertson, then Michael Bragdell will talk about the USDF Sport Horse Prospect Development Forum and we are joined by WEG Dressage team alternate Olivia Lagoy-Weltz.  Listen in….