USDF Episode 161 - US Dressage Finals/ What Makes an Expert Rider

July 19, 2017

This week, Lisa Gorretta joins us to talk about the 2017 US Dressage Finals presented by Adequan® . We have answers to your questions about the Great American/USDF Regional Championships and part four of the series on rider biomechanics with Dr. Hilary Clayton.

Lisa Gorretta, Chagrin Falls, OH, serves as the USDF Vice President, she is also a USEF ‘R’ Technical Delegate, FEI Level 2 Steward and Co-Chair of the USEF Dressage Committee.

Hillary Clayton BVMS, PHD, DACVSMR, MRCVS, Mason, MI, is an equestrian, veterinarian, author, researcher, and clinician, Dr. Clayton has conducted targeted studies on bitting, saddle fit biometrics, kinematics and kinetics, and locomotion . She established Sport Horse Science, LLC. and is vice president of the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation. Dr. Clayton has been inducted into the International Equine Veterinarians Hall of Fame, the Saskatoon Sports Hall of Fame and the Midwest Dressage Association Hall of Fame. As a rider, Dr. Clayton has earned her USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals.

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USDF Episode 154-Saddlebreds in Dressage/ Collection at Second Level/ The Muscular System

April 13, 2017

In this week's episode Jody Swimmer joins us to talk about her success with competing Saddlebreds in dressage, Marilyn Heath explains how much collection is needed to ride Second Level and we have part 2 of Helping Your Horse Perform its Best with Coralie Hughes.

Jody Swimmer, PT, DPT, MAT, Louisville, KY is a physical therapist who competed her Saddle bred, New York City Slicker, at the 2016 US Dressage Finals in the FEI Intermediate I. Jody has also earned her USDF Silver Medal.

Marilyn Heath, Naples, FL, is a USEF Senior Dressage Judge, L Education Program Faculty member, USDF L Program and Judges Committee member, and USDF Lifetime Achievement award Recipient.

Coralie Hughes, Coatesville, IN, is a Certified Practitioner of the Masterson Method of Performance Equine Bodywork. In addition to earning her USDF Bronze Medal, Coralie is a German to English translator and co-author of the Dressage Movements Revealed DVD set and The Dressage Horse Optimized.

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USDF Episode 147: Freestyle Dos and Don’ts/ Volunteer of the year/ Joint Health Part 2

January 19, 2017

In this week's episode USDF Volunteer of the Year Sheila Woerth joins us; Freestyle Committee chair Janet ( Dolly) Hannon shares her do's and don'ts for freestyle riders and judges and Allyn Mann returns with Part 2 of his talk on joint health.

Janet ‘Dolly’ Hannon, Arvada, CO, is a USEF Senior (‘S’) Judge, USDF Certified Instructor through Fourth Level and Chair of the USDF Freestyle Committee. She is also a USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist.

Allyn Mann, Director of the Animal Health Division, Luitpold Pharmaceuticals, has committed the past 28 years to working in the animal health industry. Allyn has launched such medications as Adequan® Equine IM, Ventipulmin® Syrup, and Marquis® Antiprotozoal Oral Paste. His primary focus is the health of the horse.

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USDF Episode 144: Mules at the 2016 US Dressage Finals presented by Adequan®/ Long Distance Hauling

December 1, 2016

In this week's episode, Laura Hermanson joins us to talk about her journey to qualify and compete at the US Dressage Finals presented by Adequan® in 2014 and 2016 riding two different mules and in Vet Connections Dr. Lewis gives tips on keeping horse healthy when hauling long distances.

Susannah Lewis, DVM, PhD, Lexington, KY, is completing an internship with Hagyard Equine Medical Institute’s Sport Horse Program. She received her doctor of veterinary medicine degree in 2015 from the University of Minnesota, where she also researched equine neuromuscular disorders. Dr. Lewis previously completed a PhD in neuroscience at the University of Colorado investigating chronic pain treatments. Raised in Iowa City, Iowa, she became involved with horses at a young age, riding dressage through 3rd level and being a groom for traveling dressage horses for 5 show seasons.



USDF Episode 143: 2016 US Dressage Finals presented by Adequan/Roamer Foundation/USDF Hall of Fame Inductees Hilda Gurney and Keen

November 16, 2016

In this episode we wrap up the 2016 US Dressage Finals presented by Adequan, with an interview with USDF President George William. We also talk with Roamer Foundation/USDF Hall of Fame inductee Hilda Gurney about her legendary two-time Olympic horse Keen who was also inducted into the Roamer Foundation/USDF Hall of Fame 1997.

George Williams, has served as the USDF President since 2010. He is a FEI competitor, trainer, and clinician. He is a USDF Gold, Silver, and Bronze medalist. George is a USEF Youth Coach and also serves on multiple USEF committees.

Hilda Gurney, Moorpark, CA, is an USEF “S” Judge, and an “R” Breed Judge. Hilda has served on the USEF Dressage Committee for many years. In 1977 she was honored as the Martini and Rossi AHSA Horsewoman of the Year and in 2007 was inducted into the Roemer Foundation/USDF Hall of Fame. Hilda earned an Olympic Team Bronze Medal in 1976, an individual Gold and Silver Medals, three Team Gold Medals at the Pan Am Games, and 6 USET National Grand Prix Championships on the legendary Roemer Foundation/USDF Hall of Fame member, Keen.



USDF Episode 123: Adult and Youth Team Competitions/Training for In Hand Classes

April 27, 2016

This week Gaye McCabe joins us to talk about USDF Adult and Youth Regional Team Competitions. In our Education Segment, Christine Smith give tips on training and presenting Sport Horses in hand. Listen in...

GayeMcCabe- Long time member of the USDF Youth Programs Committee

Christine Smith is the owner of Wildest Expectations Farms, where she breeds, trains, shows, and sells Selle Francais, Danish, and Oldenburg Warmbloods. Christine was a presenter at the inaugural USDF Youth Dressage Sport Horse Handlers/Breeders Seminar, held at Dressage at Devon in 2015.


USDF Episode 95: US Dressage Finals Presented by Adequan/ New Requirements for USDF Freestyles

October 1, 2015

USDF Executive Director, Stephan Hienzsch, joins us this week with a preview of the events being held during the US Dressage Finals presented by Adequan, which will be held November 5-8 in Lexington, KY. Visit the US Dressage Finals website for more details. In our Education Segment, Janet ‘Dolly’ Hannon explains the new requirements for USDF Freestyles and how to make sure your test is meeting these requirements. Listen in…

Janet ‘Dolly’ Hannon is a USEF Senior Dressage Judge,Chair of the USDF Freestyle Committee, a USDF Certified Instructor/Trainer through Fourth Level, and USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist

USDF Episode 88: Ponies in Dressage/Getting Ready to Measure

August 12, 2015

This week in our Education Segment "R" Technical Delegate, FEI L2 Steward and USEF Education Committee member Lisa Gorretta offers a Technical Delegate’s perspective on presenting your pony for measurement. First,  USEF "R"Dressage Judge and member of the USEF Dressage Committee member Alison Head talks about the opportunities for showing ponies at Dressage competitions. Listen in…


USDF Episode 77: Rider Award Program/Performance Horse Nutrition

May 28, 2015

This week part two of a four part series on Performance Horse Nutrition, from the seminar presented by Donald Kapper at the 2014 Adequan/USDF Annual Convention. But first an interview with Peggy Klump, Chair of the USDF Awards Committee, discussing the Rider Award Program. Click here further information on the Rider Award Programs and go to the Member’s Guide for the complete list of USDF programs. Listen in...


USDF Episode 64: Understanding 2015 Collective Marks/the USDF Judge’s Meeting

February 27, 2015

This week we have an extract from the USDF Judge’s open meeting held at the 2014 Adequan/USDF Annual Convention discussing changes to the Sport Horse score sheets, but first FEI 4* Judge Janet Foy discusses Collective Marks and the changes to Collective Marks in the2015 tests. Listen in…