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USDF Episode 142: A Preview of the 2016 Adequan®/USDF Annual Convention

November 3, 2016

This episode is dedicated to the upcoming 2016 Adequan®/USDF Annual Convention being held November 30-December 3 in St Louis, MO. USDF Region 4 Director Anne Sushko will be joining us along with four of the featured education presentation speakers who give a sneak peek of what attendees will learn during their sessions.

Janice Dulak, Tolono, IL, is a former professional dancer, a Romana’s Pilates Master Instructor, author, and USDF Bronze Medalist. She chaired the dance department at Stephens College for 11 years and opened her first Pilates studio in 1993. Digging deeper into Pilates while starting to ride dressage led her to write “Pilates for the Dressage Rider” published in 2006. Her path from dancer to dressage rider, combined with her deep knowledge of the Pilates Method, created Pilates for Dressage®

Coralie Hughes, Coatesville, IN, is a Certified Practitioner of the Masterson Method of Performance Equine Bodywork. In addition to being a USDF Bronze medalist, Coralie is also a German to English translator and co-author of the Dressage Movements Revealed DVD set and The Dressage Horse Optimized.

Jen Verharen, Vashon, WA, is a professional performance and business coach. She is a USDF Certified Instructor, USDF L Program Graduate with Distinction, USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist, USPC Graduate A, and USPC National Examiner. She has a BA in Organizational Psychology/Mental Health and is a certified Health and Wellness Coach, Transformational Life Coach and mediator. Her business, Cadence Coaching, specializes in providing performance coaching and business training for equestrians.

Sandy Venneman PhD, Sealy, TX, is an experimental psychologist, with a lifetime teaching certificate in secondary education. Sandy combines psychology with 40 years of riding experience to help equestrians reach their potential. Her mounts have won USDF and USEA national titles. She coaches riders in the use of psychology to improve their riding with mounted and un-mounted clinics nationwide.


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