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USDF Episode 148: USDF Education Initiative/ Member of Distinction/Joint Health, Part 3

February 1, 2017

In this week's episode, Holly Hilliard joins us to discuss the new USDF National Education Initiative, USDF Member of Distinction Janne Rumbough returns to talk about what this new national award means to her and in the education segment, the final part in Allyn Mann's series on joint health.

Holly Hilliard, Ponce De Leon, FL is chair of the Adult Programs Committee and was on the task force which created the new USDF National Education Initiative.

Janne Rumbough, Palm Beach, FL, is a USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold medalist, as well as a USDF Silver and Gold Freestyle Bar recipient. She was won the Master's Challenge Award at all levels of competition, and has won ten USDF/Dover Saddlery Adult Amateur Medals. She was a founding creator of the Palm Beach Derby 30 years ago, which is the longest standing CDI in Florida.

Allyn Mann, Director of the Animal Health Division ,Luitpold Pharmaceuticals, has committed the past 28 years to working in the animal health industry.  Allyn has launched such medications as Adequan® Equine IM, Ventipulmin® Syrup, and Marquis® Antiprotozoal Oral Paste. His primary focus is the health of the horse.

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